Flappy Dunk – The Big Thing In Flappy Sports…

Flappy games just don’t seem to die! Like a never ending horde of zombies, these games appear one after another captivating your attention for a brief time before having it stolen by another one of its flappy kind… Will these games ever come to an end…?

Flappy Dunk is the next evolution in flappy sports and is – this time – easier than ever before! Played using a basketball with wings and a bunch of floating hoops, your mission in this game is to flap through as many hoops as possible without crashing into the ground or missing a hoop. Imagine a basketball you can’t bounce, how useless…🏀

Played using a simple set of (Touch to Jump) based controls you are likely very used to playing with by now, Flappy Dunk is actually one of the easiest flappy games we have ever reviewed thanks to the very manageable speed at which things move and the large scale hoops you’ll almost struggle to miss!

With a few extra features such as (Unlockable Skins) and a (Challenge Mode) as well as the default (Endless Mode) this game is surprisingly quick and easy to play and doesn’t really seem to annoy players into giving the game another try. A style not seen in the majority of flappy games.

Last but not least the graphics in this game are actually pretty average. Although nothing special there is also nothing for you to be overly disappointed about making this a pretty decent game all round.

So, are you ready to test out your flappy skills in the next, “Most Popular Flappy Game Ever!?” …or, at least the most popular flappy game for this week…?

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One reply on “Flappy Dunk – The Big Thing In Flappy Sports…”

Good game if did not have final fantasy ad after every attempt-can’t get back to game after ad pops up second time