Age of 2048 – Swipe a Civilization Into Existence!

Are you still a fan of the mildly mathematical game 2048? Have your number doubling skills reached a Super Human level and yet you are still struggling with history? Today we’ve got a game that may, (or may not), come to your rescue!

Age of 2048 is the classic 2048 gaming experience, only played with buildings! Set in a number of different time periods throughout history, your mission in this game is to build up a civilization using your pre-existing 2048 gaming skills! …and a little bit of luck…

Played using the exact same simple (Swipe Based) controls as in 2048, Age of 2048 is the perfect step up from the classic 2048 for players who are – at this point – almost overly familiar with how the game is supposed to be played…

Although the fact that number tiles are represented by different sized buildings can be a little tricky to get your head around at first, if you’re a well practiced 2048 player, you’ll soon get the hang of things. Also, as a simple rule of thumb, bigger buildings almost always represent a bigger number… Pretty easy.😜

Featuring a magnificent set of 3D graphics, a number of different time periods for you to explore plus a bunch of different features that make playing 2048 much, much easier! – “thanks to the power of advertising😂” This is a game we’d recommend to anyone who fell in love with the simple gameplay system of 2048 and is now ready to take their gaming to the next level…

How many times did we reference “2048” in this one review…😅

Are you ready to recreate history with the swipe of your finger? Age of 2048 is the coolest upgrade in the 2048 universe we’ve seen in a very long time!

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