Flail Rider by Bulkypix – Review

(Pop Quiz) You need to demolish a building but all of your heavy machinery was stolen! You have a car, a spiked wrecking ball, and a long chain. What do you do…? 

Flail Rider is a game that looks like a demolisher gone ballistic. Featuring what is probably the most destructive burnouts known to mankind, your mission in this game is to destroy (demolish) a whole city (construction site.) I hope what he’s doing is legal…

The controls you use to pilot this insane vehicle of destruction are simple, tap on the left side of the screen to swerve left, and on the right to swerve right. The massive wrecking ball attached to the back of your car acts almost like an oversized tail and can be easily maneuvered into the side of any building standing in your path, once you get the hang of it.

Your only weakness in this crazy game is your car. Your car is actually destroyable. If you happen to smash into a building, a house or billboard your car will blow up and, “Game Over.”

In the rubble and wreckage left by your work you’ll sometimes find powerups that allow you to to “enhance” your destructive powers. Our personal favorite is the “lightning powerup” that allows you to ram right through buildings like Super Mario’s “star mode!”

Flail Rider_SS1 Flail Rider_SS2

If you need to get rid of a little stress, or just want to destroy… pardon, demolish something, this is the game to do it in! (Don’t even think about trying it in real life.)

We’ve warned you…

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