Breakneck by PikPok – Review

“Updates are cool.” This is one thing we can all seem to agree on, especially when they make something that was already awesome even better! This is our review of Breakneck.

If we’ve got it wrong please let us know in the comments below, but when we first played Breakneck something was missing. The graphics where just as stunning as they are now, and so were the stupendously simple controls. What was missing was the “Story,” there was no real story behind the gameplay. Now everything’s changed…

Based in a post apocalyptic like setting, your mission in this game is to “escape!” Piloting the coolest rocket / jet we’ve ever seen in a mobile game, you’ll be required to fly through obstacle filled deserts, deserted cities, and even laser blaster filled enemy territory!

During your run your ship is constantly pursued by an enemy superweapon that seems to consist of a tracking laser blaster. Once this weapon locks onto your ship it’s almost certain “Game Over,” so before this happens you’ll be required to boost your way out of range.

Boosts can be charged by flying dangerously close to the side of obstacles or tunnels and are easy to charge, just so long as you don’t get too close…


For anyone who loved the beauty of Smash HitBreakneck not only has the same level of graphics but an action packed story and super easy to understand controls to go with it.

If you take pride in playing high quality games, this is a game you need to have.

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