Thumb Drift by SMG Studio – Review

“Thumb Drift,” the first ever drifter game made by the developers of One More Line and One More Dash, designed to be played with one hand! Super Simple! Super Playable! Super Easy…? NO.

Thumb Drift is a really nice game to have when you only have one hand. Whether it’s be because your other hand is occupied, or just because you’d rather look cool and keep one hand in your pocket, this is a really handy game to have. If only it was a little easier…

Because you can’t really control braking and acceleration with one hand, this game is based around your steering techniques and leaves the “speed” aspect up to the code behind the game. Unfortunately for us players who don’t play racing games well, the default speed at which your car speeds along the windy race course can sometimes be just a little too fast.

Though an awesome game, if you don’t have a reaction time level of at least “good,” preferably “pro” this game may seem just a little on the impossible side.

Now, if you can manage the high speeds – or enjoy dying – Thumb Drift is actually a very generous game in the sense that every few games or so, you’ll receive a free car! A pretty nice feature considering most racing games make you “pay” for every single upgrade.

Thumb Drift - Furious One Touch Car Racing_SS1 Thumb Drift - Furious One Touch Car Racing_SS2

For players who like the challenge of split second reaction time gaming, Thumb Drift is definitely a game we’d recommend you check out.

As for us… We need some more practice drifting…

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