Fishy Bits

We were very serious when we said that this game was the new Flappy Bird, in fact the game itself is practically just a renewed flappy bird, but this time, done extremely well!

Fishy Bits is a fish game, as most of us should be able to tell from the title. By tapping on the screen your fish will dive, and by doing nothing it will rise to the surface, basically just the opposite of Flappy Bird. There are obstacles, either floating or fully submerged that you will need to avoid in pretty much the same way as you would in Flappy Bird…

Now here is what is different:

In Fishy Bits there are fish to eat and coins to collect. Not only are there fish that you can eat but there are also fish that can eat you. But only while you’re small, by eating hundreds of little fish and leveling up, you can evolve and become a bigger stronger predator and eat the very fish that previously ate you! You can also launch yourself out of the water and eat birds and whatever else you may encounter. With a gauge to tell you how many fish you need to eat to get to the next level, and with so many cool evolutional stages, the incentive to play this game is tremendous.

We think the best way to describe this game may be a cross between Flappy Bird and Pokemon, a crazy combination we wish we had have come up with ourselves.

Fishy Bits_SS1 Fishy Bits_SS2

If Flappy Bird was addictive – this game is insanely addictive! Once you’ve started, it is difficult to stop playing this cross between possibly the world’s two most addictive games.

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