Imago – Transformative Puzzle Game

Attention all puzzle fans! We’ve found it, the ultimate number + color + rearrangement puzzle you haven’t tried yet. This game will be irresistibly delightful for anyone who prefers puzzles to action games but before you race off to the Apple App Stores be sure to also read our review…

Imago is an amazing cross between 3 common puzzles, multiplying numbers, combining colors, and rearranging. In this ultimate puzzle concoction, players start off with a gridded board filled with colored blocks. Each block has a number inscribed at its center, and by dragging one block around the board you can match up two blocks of the same color, either longways or sideways the two blocks will combine to create a rectangle and the numbers at their centers will multiply together. By moving two rectangles together and making a cube the same thing will happen- just this time, the blocks used to create the cube will detach from one another and return to their smallest state, although this time all of the 4 cubes will have the total sum of the two multiplied rectangles.

The in-game tutorial explains this system perfectly and makes this rather difficult concept easy to understand. (A picture is worth a thousand words.)

This puzzle game is outstanding, and heavily addictive.

Imago_SS1 Imago_SS2 Imago_SS3 Imago_SS4

If you’re in to try one of the latest and greatest puzzles we’ve ever had the chance to review, Imago is probably number one on our list, of games to clear before 2016.

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