Are you a fan of Splatoon – the ultra-popular paint blasting game for Nintendo Switch and Wii U? Because today we’ve got a game you will probably either consider a disgrace… or perhaps the best game of 2018! 😆 It’s your call, and this is our review.

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Draw.io (by Voodoo) is an awesome looking game for your iPhone – unfortunately, it isn’t available on Android just yet… Played on an open white canvas, your mission in this game is to paint the board with as much of your color as possible before time runs out.

Featuring a simpler gameplay system than what “was” our favorite game from Voodoo Paper.ioDraw.io has fewer Game Overs, easy controls, awesome powerups, and a difficulty scale that actually increases over time. Thus making it our new favorite game from Voodoo!

…after the first 25 seconds of gameplay, someone will be eliminated…

Draw.io is all about your territory (i.e. how much of your color is visible on the map). After the first 25 seconds of gameplay, the player with the least amount of territory on the board is eliminated! This process of elimination continues every 10 seconds until eventually, you are the only one remaining… or at least that’s the goal…

You can easily tell just how much territory you have via a graph displayed at the top of the screen, but you have no time to waste looking at graphs when playing Draw.io! The key to winning in Draw.io is by collecting powerups, and the more you get, the easier they are to collect!

Although the AI you are faced with are kind of stupid, the same is true for them as well, so focus your attention on collecting powerups rather than checking how you measure up against your opponents.

The Conclusion

With a colorful 3D design, action-packed gameplay, and probably way too many Ads (this game was also reviewed inside an aircraft on our way to Tokyo Game Show 2018) Draw.io is officially our new favorite game from Voodoo, and we would love to know what you think.

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