Dashy Crashy by :DUMPLING design – Review

Do you remember having nightmares where the brake in your car wouldn’t work? These sorts of dreams are terrifying, especially the night before you go for your learner license…

Dashy Crashy is a game that looks like one of these nightmares. Starting off in a learner’s car, you speed along a highway at a speed which is at least 2 times, if not faster, than all the other cars on the road. Luckily for us you are not sitting in the driver’s seat, but view the the whole situation from a little above and can see far ahead.

This is a great advantage seeing as the cars in front of you constantly change lanes making it difficult to judge where the safest place to be is. Once you’ve gotten used to dealing with these “normal” circumstances, you’ll then have to deal with the more “unexpected” things that happen on this crazy highway such as pileups, drag racers, police chases, and monster trucks that must have gotten lost…

Though the best fitting word for this game would be CHAOS, it is remarkably fun and addictive, just so long as you don’t try it in real life.

Dashy Crashy_SS1 Dashy Crashy_SS2

If you’d like to know how not to drive on a highway, this is the best example we’ve found.

Also though we didn’t mention this in the main review, Dashy Crashy is extremely generous when it comes to unlocking new cars. You are given a new car almost every game, just so long as you make it far enough, making it all the more addictive.

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