Dan The Man – Time to bring out the “Street Fighter” within you!

Were you a devoted Super Mario fan back when it was cool to play on a gaming console with bulky buttons? Was Street Fighter the reason you took up karate? If so, today we’ve got a game that carries the same fighting spirit that captivated so many of us so long ago…

Dan The Man is a mobile game (not a console game) that looks to be a cross between super Mario and Street fighter. Your mission in this game is to punch, kick, and even shoot your way through evil villain forces in order to save your village from certain doom!

Your character, an immensely overpowered superhuman warrior, will be required to run from village to village (Super Mario Style) and beat up bad guys (Street Fighter Style) as you and your rebel comrades slowly make your way toward the evil boss’s hideout.

Now when it comes to controls, this game isn’t perfect… But it sure is close! For the number of different functions built into this game, the on screen button positioning is incredible, allowing you to move freely around the stage without any issues most of the time. Although you will occasionally hit the wrong button, wasting an item where it really wasn’t needed, for the most part things work out pretty well.

Last but not least, when it comes to semi-retro games one of the most important aspects is the Pixel Art, and Dan The Man isn’t lacking in the slightest here! With lifelike characters, fluid animations, and lots of action, this game will excite even the strictest pixel art critics!


Just love the feel of old arcade fighter games? If so, this game won’t disappoint you.

Although slightly simplified for mobile devices, Dan The Man has both the Super Mario like adventures, and Street Fighter like battles blended into a single title.

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