It’s a Space Thing – A 2D space fighter for your mobile device

Are you a die hard fan of retro fighter games? If so, we’ve just found something pretty amazing…

It’s a Space Thing is a retro style fighter game based in space. Starting off on two opposing platforms, both you and your opponent are each equipped with 3 shields and a gun, and are required to battle it out until one of you is blasted to smithereens!

Although a “slightly” brutal concept, the game itself is very easy to understand, and play… For the first 3 to 4 levels at least…😓  Although simple, after the first few levels Space Thing slowly morphs into a tactical game based mostly around strategies.

You see, unless you’re fighting a boss, (Bosses appear every 10 levels or so and are insanely overpowered) both you and your opponent have the same amount of ammo, the same number of sheds, and move at exactly the same speed. The only thing setting your two space fighters apart, are the brains behind the pixels…

For players who dislike games that can be cleared by simply leveling up your character, this is one of the few games available where both you and your opponent’s physical abilities are on a constant par with one another. Your skill is what decides the match.

Do you want to test out your strategic skill? If so, this is it. This is the game for you!

With both a single player mode where you can increase your skills, and a multi player mode where you can battle it out with your uncle, Space Thing is like a training ground for strategy gamers!

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