Unarmored is an amazingly beautiful game! Set in a 3D world made of mostly grays and whites, this game is simply stunning to behold, …So when we found out that it was about avoiding “Snipers”, we were a little surprised…😳

Unarmored is a runner game about (you guessed it) avoiding being sniped. Your mission in this game is to run through a beautiful 3D world while jumping over what may be some of the most powerful sniper bullets ever made!

You see, whether a bullet hits your player (an awesome looking robot) or not, you are pretty much guaranteed to be in trouble. Each bullet in this game is so powerful it will literally blast the stage beneath you to bits! Forcing you to either jump, or plummet to your death…!

Although shattering stages creates some amazing effects you’ll have a hard time finding anywhere else, it also creates a small problem you’ll probably find annoying. You see, sometimes the snipers seem to “accidently” shoot out the stages in front of you, making it pretty much impossible to clear the game (i.e. you can’t physically jump that far!)

To be honest this issue is a little annoying, but considering the game was only just released some minor bugs are to be expected.

The Conclusion

Do you need a 3D runner game every graphic designer will gasp at the sight of? If so, this is definitely one of them. (There are plenty more!)

If you happen to be reading this review in the future chances are the minor issues we mentioned above have been fixed and all that you’ll be left with is an incredibly beautiful runner game… About Snipers😁

Want to give Unarmored a try? The download link is just below😉

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