Crystal Crusade

Ever wanted to have your own army? Well, Crystal Crusade is a game where you can literally control an entire army with the flick of your finger.

In this RPG adventure, your mission is to gather an army of soldiers to fight neighboring villagers and expand your territory. Normally games like this are based on managing your village. i.e. breeding horses, gathering resources, making weapons, and producing enough food for your troops to survive winter. In a sense, it’s closer to playing a game of Simcity with enemies than becoming a raging warlord.

Well, in this game, a raging warlord is all you need to be, just so long as you’re good at simple puzzles. You see, in Crystal Crusade, as the name may hint, you gather troops by collecting crystals. You do this by matching up 3 or more crystals on a gridded board. You can assign certain troops to certain crystals, making it possible to choose what troops you charge into battle with by connecting different combos.

For puzzle maniacs who would like a change, this RPG adventure may just be the thing you’ve been looking for.

On top of all this, one exciting thing we discovered during our review is that this game has no ads! So if you’re sick of watching ads you’re not even interested in, you’ll love this aspect.

Crystal Crusade_SS1

If you’re out to take over the world with puzzles and crystals, this is the game to do it in. We’d advise you don’t to try to do it in real life…

Also, though we didn’t have time to mention it in our quick review, there are heaps of magical boosts and attacks you can use to assist your troops in combat, making Crystal Crusade just that much more awesome!

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