Alphabear: Word Puzzle Game

The name “Alphabear” could be the title of many different types of games. When one of our less bright members heard the name, he guessed it was a Street Fighter like game where bears battle it out to decide the ultimate fighter the “Alpha Bear!” He was wrong. Very wrong….

Alphabear is a word puzzle where you grow cute ‘cubified’ bears by creating words and eliminating space for your bears to grow in. If all goes perfectly well, you’ll end up with no letters on the board and one massive mega bear taking up the entire board. This is difficult to do. Sometimes you’ll be left with an (E), a (Z) and a (Q), making it really difficult to make a single word… Other times letters will turn to stone after being left for too long, smashing your dream of creating a mega bear…

We must say it’s not an easy game, but none the less is definitely a fun game. Even if you never manage to make that mega bear, you’ll always be able to make a whole heap of little bears which are just as cute and cuddly. In that sense Alphabear is an extremely age friendly game, especially considering it is a word puzzle.

For those players who are very serious about their word games, depending on the bear you choose to grow, the letters you use in your words can greatly affect your final score. For example one bear we grew gave us a final bonus for words containing (E), (A), (S), and (Y). Making the bear you choose is an essential part if you want to beat your uncle!

Alphabear Word Puzzle Game_SS1 Alphabear Word Puzzle Game_SS2

If you’re a word puzzle fan, we’re sure you’ll love Alphabear, where cuteness and a good vocabulary fit together perfectly.

As a side note, you may want to download a dictionary before you challenge your uncle…

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