If you enjoy decorating cookies into edible soccer balls⚽️, delicious cars🚘, and munchable people😱‼ …we mean, gingerbread men… Today we’ve got a game you may have already enjoyed in real life…

Cookie Soccer is a simple soccer game played using cute and colorful soccer players still hot out of the oven! With simple slingshot style swipe controls, you may find strangely familiar, (especially if you played Soccer Stars™ by Miniclip), Cookie Soccer packs a whole heap of functionality into a single irresistible mobile package!

Great for both soccer fans⚽️ and cookie fans🍪 alike!

Now, because your 4 person soccer team is literally made up of fragile cookies, there are a total of 3 different ways in which you can win each game. (1) If your team has scored the most number of points when the whistle blows, you win. (2) If your team manages to score 3 points before the whistle blows, you win. (3) If you destroy all your opponent’s cookies before the whistle blows, you win.

The first 2 methods of obtaining victory are fairly straightforward. However, destroying your opponents in a real game of soccer will, (under any normal circumstances), land you a “Red Card” followed by some severe booing…😅

Cookie Soccer is a little different. By ramming your players into opposing cookies, you can slowly damage your opponents until they eventually break into a million pieces and presumably die… 💀

With over 30 different characters for you to unlock and power up, plenty of opponents for you to battle it out with online and a clean set of cute and colorful 2D graphics, Cookie Soccer is a fun little soccer game we were delighted to check out!

The Conclusion

If you’re a die-hard soccer fan or a violent cookie lover in need of a place to test out your destructive cookie smashing soccer skills, Cookie Soccer is pretty much the only soccer game we have ever seen where smashing your opponent is A-OK!

Want to give Cookie Soccer a try? The download link is just below.📲
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