Minigames you can simply pick up and play are awesome to have on your smartphone! …But every once in a while people get sick of battling it out with simple AI and need something more… Today we’ve got a game that offers “More”…

Soccer Stars™ is an online multiplayer soccer game for mobile by, and boy is it fun! …and slightly annoying… as well as exciting… and frustrating… Funny how playing with other “people” makes players so much more serious…😉

Played using a total of 5 ice-hockey-puck looking players, your mission in this game is to take turns slingshotting your player at a soccer ball in an attempt to score an epic goal! …which is actually a surprisingly common occurrence in Soccer Stars™

Because you are battling against real – living breathing human beings – in Soccer Stars™, not a perfectly programmed AI that never makes mistakes, some of the games you’ll play in Soccer Stars™ are – simply put – INSANELY AWESOME!

In one game we played, our opponent somehow managed to mess up his kickoff, allowing us to shoot in and score a goal on our very first shot! Another time, our opponent decided to take on a very interesting tactic of pushing our players into our team’s goal(?) which doesn’t really make sense, but still made for a fun and enjoyable laughter filled match.

If you can agree that playing games with other players is awesome, this is the game for you.

The Conclusion

With loads of functionality, an awesome multiplayer gameplay system, and plenty of opponents to battle against, Soccer Stars™ is a game we’d recommend to anyone who can agree that playing soccer alone sucks…

Want to give Soccer Stars™ a try? The download link is just below😉

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