High Dive – Diving from 300m up can be deadly…

Have you ever climbed the ladder up to the very top of a 10m diving board just to climb straight back down again? If you have had the unfortunate experience of living through a situation like this, and have experienced the annoying looks your friends give you as you scurry into a corner to hide, today we’ve got a game you might want to try. …or not… it’s up to you…😉

High Dive is – as you can probably guess from the name – a game about diving. Set in a very orangey colored minimalist world, your mission in this game is to dive from the very top of a tall “ever growing” diving board down into a lake or pool without hitting any flying creatures (i.e. birds) on the way down.

At first, this may sound like an easy enough task to achieve. Seriously, how many birds could there possibly be between the top of a 10m diving board and the surface of a lake? …Well, what if the board is 300m high…?

Played by tapping on the left and right sides of your screen to avoid colliding with any flying wildlife, your mission in this game is to help your player successfully complete each new dive without getting hurt. Each time you successfully complete a dive, your diving board will increase in height, forcing you to dive from greater and greater heights💀

If virtually diving from 300m up sounds like something you would like to try, chances are High Dive is the game for you.

With clean minimalist graphics, a minimal number of ads, and plenty of birds to get in your way, High Dive is the first minimalist game we wish we could play in VR.
Imagine a 300m dive in VR😱

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