Review – The best .io game from Ketchapp

Do you remember a game called by Voodoo? If so, today we’ve got a game from Ketchapp that goes head to head with this more than capable game and we must say, we love it!

If you don’t remember, was by far our favorite (.io) game to play on mobile at the time of our review, and although we have seen some very amazing (.io) games over the past 11 months since our initial review, “was” still on the list of our teams favorite (.io) games. Today, all that is about to change. is an amazingly fun territory capturing (.io) game from Ketchapp. Played using an Emoji as your player, and a virtual on-screen joystick as your controls, this game is played by circling large chunks of land in order to capture territory until you ultimately dominate 100% of the board! Unfortunately, we’re not exactly sure whether capturing 100% is “actually possible”…

Unlike our “previous favorite😢” gives you the freedom to move freely around the stage in whatever direction or angle you would like, which is very different to the sharp 90º turns we were used to in

Thanks to the extra level of freedom and control you have over your player, introduces an extra level of skill into the game of capturing territory.

For example, by moving in tight circles you can continuously capture territory while moving forward which is a great way to prevent yourself from getting caught up in a bad situation. The only downside is your sluggish speed…👎🐌

Creating an online PvP, (Player vs Player) game that actually “works” on mobile isn’t easy, and in our opinion, Ketchapp nailed it with The only funny thing is that the game isn’t actually PvP, which means you can play the game while in Airplane Mode.✈️

If you’re about to take off on a long flight, you know what to do😉

The Conclusion isn’t one of Ketchapp’s most popular games which almost surprises us considering just how much we enjoyed it. If you’re in need of a fun little game you can play on the go, this is it!

…or, at least, it is one of them…

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