Chameleon Run by Noodlecake Studios – Review

Who doesn’t like to feel satisfied? – Probably no one… – Satisfaction is so important to us humans, some even speculate that the ultimate goal of our lives may actually be to extinguish our burning desire for more and to feel satisfied.

Chameleon Run is a game that feels like a super concentrated compilation of “Oh, Yes! That’s what I’m talking about!” moments. It is almost impossible not to jiggle about in giddy excitement while playing this game. – Not a good idea when on a plane…

Each level is made up of a collection of different three dimensional obstacles and platforms your runner must get through without missing a jump and falling to his death. Up until this point everything is pretty straightforward and besides being 3D isn’t all that different to the numerous endless runners available.

What makes this game a “Chameleon Run” is that every platform and obstacle is one of three colors, yellow, pink, or black. If your runner so much as touches a black object it’s Game Over for your little guy, this said it’s no different with the other colors either.

You see, by tapping on the right side of your screen your runner will jump, and by tapping on the left side he will swap colors between yellow and pink. When your character matches the color of the platform underfoot – or what’s about to be underfoot – your runner is safe. If however your runner doesn’t match, Game Over!

Chameleon Run_SS1

This has already become a pretty long review for Edamame Reviews, so to quickly finish things off, If you’re sick of endless runners that have no real objective or goal, you’ll love Chameleon Run!

With set goals on every level and no annoying 20 second ads to get in the way of your gameplay, Chameleon Run is definitely a thumbs up for anyone who wants a new and addictive action packed runner!

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