Mars Mountain by Bulkypix – Review

Mars Mountain by Bulkypix is probably one of the most unaddictive games we’ve played to date. Seriously, this game could be almost classified as annoying (in a bad way)! So for everyone who is baffled at how this game managed to be featured on The Apple App Store, here’s our review and explanation…

Mars Mountain is a simple game based around a little guy that unfortunately crash landed atop a trap filled Martian mountain. Perhaps to explore, or maybe to get to a back up ship, who knows, but your mission in this game is to help this little guy get down the side of this insanely defended mountain without dying.

The controls you are given to achieve this task are simple left and right swipe controls that allow your character to descend down the mountain one block at a time.

Now, as you can probably already tell from the introduction, we feel that this game has seriously overdone it with the difficulty aspect. At almost every turn there is “certain death” awaiting your player.

Though “certain death” isn’t anything new – it’s found in almost every game – we feel that “unavoidable death” is  little too much… For us we felt extremely frustrated, and even a little cheated when we lost due to something we couldn’t do anything to about.

Mars Mountain_SS1 Mars Mountain_SS2

So to wrap things up, is this the game for you?

Well, it probably depends on how you play the game. We’ll be honest, there is a chance we were playing the game wrong – perhaps we weren’t looking far enough ahead? Maybe there’s a trick we haven’t figured out yet? Who knows!

Whatever the reason we didn’t get the best out of this game, one thing that we can recommend to you with certainty is the build quality. The build quality of Mars Mountain is insane and definitely deserves a ton of praise!


Whether you like this game or not, the build quality is excellent and for a price tag labeled FREE, you won’t regret giving it a try.

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