Business interview with KuniaLabs featuring Octrons Challenge – Mission Science Genius

For new viewers, this is our interview series where we take an in-depth look at the business side of game development and discuss some of the different strategies used by creative professionals within the gaming space.

The series is comprised of 6 set questions which should apply to the majority of creative businesses within the mobile gaming space. The questions are formatted in such a way that creative professionals may draw inspiration from the many different solutions companies apply to common problems.  

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Let’s get started.

— Thank you for taking the time to talk with us today. We would first like to start things by asking who you are, what you do, and how you ended up working here in the creative gaming space?  

I am Avinash Subramanian, Founder of KuniaLabs and Game Producer.

Inspired by Peter Vesterbacka (Mighty Eagle) I started KuniaLabs with a mission to spark love for Science in children, using mobile games.

— Moving on, let’s talk about some of the games you have created. Could you please fill us in on some background regarding the projects you have worked on and where our viewers can try them out.

Octrons Challenge game series showcases the SuperHero adventures of KAY (a bright, inquisitive child) vs the Evil Dr. Octron who wants to destroy the World of Science

Mission Science Genius is released on App Store and Play Store

— Standing out in an overcrowded market. What are some strategies your company has used to promote your games in this vastly populated market and did those strategies work?

1. With permission, we have created Peter Vesterbacka as a game character who guides and motivates KAY. We intend developing Peter as a Obi Wan and help connect with Angry Bird audiences

2. Connecting with scientists, NASA engineers etc to showcase some of the scientists, discoveries in our future games

— Some marketers suggest branding is dead. Firstly, do you agree or disagree with this idea? And is there anything your company is doing differently to keep players coming back?

Branding is the soul and v essence of a good game. We intend to develop this game series tackling various topics including climate change, marine pollution/nano plastics. Motivating children using a unique science  in-app reward system is what we are working on for our next game Octrons Challenge – Reloaded

— Monetization is critical to the success of your existing and future projects. Would you be willing to share some of the different monetization strategies used by your company?

Currently, we use ad monetization for our Playstore Android games. We are discussing a subscription-based model with a publisher for the Indian market.

— Lastly, we would like to hear your predictions for the future of the creative gaming industry. What changes do you expect to see in the way we play games over the next 3-5 years?

1. Games will evolve as a social community platform and recognized a full creative art industry 

2. Technology will enable new applications for games in verticals like education, health, social community, arts, media, entertainment etc

3. Rise of games as an advertising vehicle by companies seeking to connect with children and families