Do you still enjoy playing (.io) games? Although we have been seeing less and less new (.io) games for iOS and Android devices in recent months, they are still definitely fun to play, especially when they are actually multiplayer. Today we’ve got a new (.io) game you might want to check out… (by Profusion Studios) is – as the name implies – a brutal game about swinging around a large spike-ball and trying to kill almost everything in sight! Although there are a few obstacles you definitely won’t want to go near…💀

Played using a colorful neon colored car, your mission in this game is to smash your opponents using the massive spike-ball that is attached to the back of your car. By making skillful turns, you can fling your spike-ball out at your opponents (like some medieval weapon) and by touching on a large on-screen button that practically takes up the entire right-hand side of the display, you can literally fire your Spike-Ball, (detaching it from the leash connecting it to your car) and let it take off like a giant flying ball of doom!!!

Although this game is fun, we won’t even try to pretend that it is easy to play on mobile…

Once you start to get the hang of how the game is played, things slowly start to get a little easier, however not a lot. We’re not sure if the servers hosting the browser version of this game are the same as the ones hosting the mobile version, but if they are, all the players on PC have a huge advantage over practically everyone on mobile.

We would almost recommend not playing this game on mobile just because the graphics are so much better on a desktop PC.

Last but not least is your internet connection. If you suffer from a slow internet connection (or a normally fast Android device that suddenly decided to stop working on your WiFi for no apparent reason!?) you may have trouble playing this game. That being said, if you have an OK internet connection you should be fine!

The Conclusion

If you’re looking for a simple multiplayer game you can play while on the go, is a game you’ll probably want to check out. Just remember, it is way easier to play on a desktop PC…

Want to give a try? The download link is just below.📲
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