Original Journey

Have you ever heard of “Heat Death?” Heat Death is one theory scientists propose as the “ULTIMATE FATE OF THE UNIVERSE” in which the universe has diminished to a state of no thermodynamic free energy and… well… GAME OVER.👾 …Original Journey seems to be a game that plays on this idea…

Original Journey (by ZPLAY and Bonfire Entertainment) is a game about a team of explorers who have traveled for years across the galaxy in search of the Original Stone, a mysterious stone that pre-dates the universe itself and possesses an unlimited source of raw power! You can your crew (the Ato-Ma) are on a mission to find and retrieve the stone in an attempt to save your dying home planet… not rule the universe… or maybe…? 😛

The game is played using a number of different on-screen controls that (just like any mobile RPG) do take some getting used to, but are positioned sensibly so as to prevent you from accidentally pressing any buttons or blocking your own view.

Featuring gameplay that is primarily governed by the story, Original Journey features some small but significant features that make the experience of playing an RPG on your smartphone nothing short of amazing!

For starters, Original Journey features an always accessible log you can check at any time to quickly remind yourself what you were actually supposed to be doing. This is great for players who game while on the go and don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to a single gaming session.

With highly animated graphics that look as though they were taken straight from of the artist’s notebook, (mostly white, black, gray and green), an abundance of action-packed visual effects, and no shortage of enemies to blast with your highly customizable weapons, Original Journey is a mysterious game we can’t wait to see play out!

Somehow, we don’t think we are seeing things the way they “actually” are… Not quite a spoiler…?

The Conclusion

If you enjoy playing mobile RPG’s, this is a game you won’t want to miss… And, if you haven’t played an RPG on your iOS or Android device, Original Journey makes it simple and easy to get into the genre!

Prepare to be addicted!

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