Wait a second…? Didn’t we just publish a review of a brand new (.io) game you totally need to check out? Well yes, but here is another game that is fast, fun, 3D, and extremely addictive!😆 Sorry,… You can’t win them all…😅

AXE.IO (by Crescent Moon Games and YVETTE) is a 3D battle royale style survival game that doesn’t resemble a minimalistic browser-based (.io) game in any way whatsoever! Although (.io) may not officially equal a browser-based game with a minimalistic design, that is sort of what happens in most cases… AXE.IO shake things up a bit with a high end set of 3D graphics that have been heavily optimized for fast-paced battle royale style gameplay!

Set in a 3D Viking village, a remote island, or a castle guarded by a ferocious dragon, etc. your mission in this game changes depending on the game mode you are playing. Sometimes you will be fighting other players whereas other times you’ll be slaying massive dragons, however, one thing that doesn’t change is how the game is played.

Played using a virtual Joystick and 2-3 on-screen buttons which can be used to dodge roll, throw axes, and slash with your sword (if you have collected one), AXE.IO is fairly simple and easy to play. The buttons are large enough to hit with ease yet small enough not to get in the way of your view of the screen.

In case you were wondering, AXE.IO can be both played with actual people online as well as computer players depending on the game mode you have selected. Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean you can play the game without an internet connection (or in airplane mode) which is kind of annoying, especially if you were planning a long plane ride to BitSummit 2018 and really wanted to play AXE.IO for 9 hours straight…! 🤣

Last but not least, the graphics in AXE.IO are great for multiplayer gameplay. We have seen far too many indie titles with 3D graphics that look cool, but are far from practical… The graphics in AXE.IO not only look cool but actually make the game simple and easy to play, which is great!

The Conclusion

AXE.IO is probably the best (.io) game we have ever played on a mobile device. It is more exciting (and has fewer Ads!) than our previous favorite (by Voodoo) and is cooler visually in almost every way possible!

AXE.IO is going to be a hard game to beat…

Want to give AXE.IO a try? The download link is just below.📲
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