If you love something, set it free… Well, it seems the developer of Blocky Jump! mustn’t have liked Flappy Bird because Blocky Jump! is basically Flappy Bird, just set in a pixelated cave…

Why the developers decided to set their “flappy style” game in a cave we don’t know but, for a flappy style game Blocky Jump! is actually surprisingly fun and addictive! Although the graphics are almost entirely made of greyish pixels, and the the game itself has no real functionality other than basic game – no power up items in this game 😤  – the overall addictiveness is actually pretty good.

Surprising for a flappy style game 😓

With the simple challenge of avoiding rising and falling pixels using pretty much the same controls as the original Flappy Bird, this is a game you can just play without really focusing. The perfect type of game to have when conversations plunge into a topic you really couldn’t care less about…

If you’re after a game that doesn’t require anything other than skill to play, no items, no boosters, no powerups, this is the game.

With graphics that could almost be categorised as too simple, Blocky Jump! definitely isn’t the flashiest game on the market, but it fits a need and does its job well!

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