VS. Racing 2 – Single player games just can’t win…

Although making something difficult simple is almost always better for the end user, dumbing something down leaves no one happy. VS. Racing 2 is a fast paced super serious racing game that is simple and easy to play. The perfect type of “simple.”

The game’s design is a rather common overhead view racing game – found in most 2D mobile racing games – but although common, VS. Racing 2 is packed with a few new features you probably won’t find in most other racers…

For starters, VS. Racing 2 has removed both the accelerator and the brake from the controls accessible to players! Although a crazy idea at first, from a developer’s perspective this actually makes sense. Instead of adding two more tiny annoying buttons to your already limited amount of usable screen real estate, why not just implement an amazing drifting feature for instance…😆 ⁉️

VS. Racing 2 is a very simple game, but with a little observation you’ll soon notice just how well thought out the small features in this game really are.

Although the small features are cool, to the average player small features don’t really make that much difference to whether or not they download a certain game, and so, finally we come to VS. Racing 2’s biggest feature, the multiplayer system.

VS. Racing 2 allows you to play with both friends nearby, and players scattered all over the world! With notifications to let you know when someone’s beaten your high score and a never ending list of players to challenge, VS. Racing 2 is a breeding ground for healthy competition single player games really can’t beat.

If you like playing racing games with friends, VS. Racing 2 is a fun little racing game you’ll never have trouble finding someone to play with.

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