SlimeClimbing – An RPG from the perspective of a Slime…

Dungeon style RPG’s are so popular it’s crazy. With numerous story lines and visual differences to choose from, you’d think people would get lost searching for the right game… they don’t, and the measure used by most of them is simple. Ease of gameplay…

The single biggest challenge game developers face when making games is making everything flow naturally on a device with no physical buttons. For developers trying to recreate a game that was originally designed for a console, on a mobile device (whilst keeping the game playable) is a crazy challenge only the best of game developers get through.

SlimeClimbing is one of the successful console style games that simply works on a mobile device. With large jump, left, and right buttons taking up almost 1/4 of the bottom end of the screen, you will almost never miss a jump or a move due to accidentally pressing the wrong button.

All this said what is a game if it isn’t fun? Well, with SlimeClimbing you’re covered once again! With 99 unique levels designed to stump even the best of heros, your mission in this game is to reach the top most floor of a trap filled tower in order to warn your boss – the monster emperor – of an invasion of heros!

The levels in the tower are fixed and do not shuffle as they do in most dungeon/puzzle games meaning you will always have as much time as you need to figure out an extra tricky level😅

If you’d like a game to remind you of the old console games you used to play, SlimeClimbing is definitely a game you need to check out!

With old fashioned bit graphics, and a super simple concept that works the way you’d expect it to – no strange surprises – this is the game for you.

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