BitSummit 2019 Interview with Fukudanuki the developer of CUBE GARDEN

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Here we are, back with yet another interview from BitSummit 2019, the largest indie-game festival in Japan! This time with Fukudanuki the creator of CUBE GARDEN. Before we start we’d like to thank Fukudanuki for participating in our interview and for answering our questions! Thanks!

…and without further ado, our interview begins…

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The Interview

/// Ok, let’s kick things off with a quick introduction. Please tell us a little bit about both yourself and your studio

Fukudanuki is a solo developer based in Japan. I carry out all the processes involved in game development such as planning, programming, graphics, etc. alone.

Full-scale activity at the studio started in 2018. This year we are exhibiting our second title from our studio at Bit Summit 2019 – we were just involved in many titles last year.


/// So, what brings you to Japan’s largest Indie-Game festival BitSummit 2019? Other than to simply present your game 😉

While the game market has made great progress year by year, it seems that large titles are becoming templated. However, I think that it can not be helped because the scale of development has grown and failure is not acceptable.

I think that it is in the indie game scene that can overcome that sense of blockage. I am happy to be part of advancing the game culture through this event. Through this event, we all know the name “Fukudanuki” and we want to meet players, developers and media associates who will be responsible for future game culture.


/// How did you end up working in the field of Game Development? Could you please tell us a little about your back story as a developer?

I have been the director of a Japanese game software development company for over 10 years. However, the software I was in charge of was not directed toward consumers or smartphones. The software development I was in charge of was for Japan’s amusement machine called “PACHINCO”.

The market was huge, but it was treated as a bad culture in Japan because it was an illegal gambling market that the country acquiesced. As we moved to shrink the bad market with the 2020 Tokyo Olympics held, I decided to create a game independently, thinking it was a good opportunity. I am sorry, the situation is unique to Japan, so it is difficult to explain.


/// What is special, interesting or unique about the game you are exhibiting this year?

It is a full-fledged puzzle game based on a 3×3 cube puzzle gimmick, but we devised it to be able to be enjoyed by beginners. You can train your brain while enjoying the cute character and the warm world view. Analog touch is also a feature in this game!


/// Is there a particular BitSummit award you are looking to take home this year?

I was aiming for all awards, including the Game Design Award and the Visual Design Award, but it has been decided not to be selected at this point. The selected developers are indeed wonderful.


/// Lastly is there anything you would like to say to our supporters on Edamame Reviews?

We will release many fun games from now on! Please support “Fukudanuki”!


/// Are there any further comments you would like to share with us?

If it makes sense, please touch another one of my works, “GoldFish,” which is a very good game!

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