BitSummit 2019 Interview with Caramel Column the developer of NetOff

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Here we are, back with yet another interview from BitSummit 2019, the largest indie-game festival in Japan! This time with Caramel Column the creator(s) of NetOff. Before we start we’d like to thank Caramel Column for participating in our interview and for answering our questions! Thanks!

…and without further ado, our interview begins…

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The Interview

/// Ok, let’s kick things off with a quick introduction. Please tell us a little bit about both yourself and your studio

I am Maki ONO, the president of Caramel Column Inc. I am also a game designer and game scriptwriter.

Caramel Column is a video game and table game studio. We develop edgy indie games. ALTER EGO is one of our masterpieces.


/// So, what brings you to Japan’s largest Indie-Game festival BitSummit 2019? Other than to simply present your game 😉

“NetOff” is a role-playing video game for Android and iOS.

This game basically has two parts: the beginning part is unfolded in the online-game-like RPG with simple operation and the next part is focusing on offline get-togethers where you’ll see characters’ real lives.

In the RPG part, by operating chat-like UI you can enjoy chatting with allies one by one and fighting enemies with special skill moves.

In the offline meeting part, you can get a glimpse into the character’s life through observing one’s behavior in his or her room, or spending time with allies at offline meetings.


/// How did you end up working in the field of Game Development? Could you please tell us a little about your back story as a developer?

I liked video games since I was a kid and I have been developing games for about two years now. The first reason for developing games was that when the members of the studio came together the development system was already in place.


/// What is special, interesting or unique about the game you are exhibiting this year?

The special feature of “NetOff” is going back and forth between the online game and real life. Each character has their own story. Please enjoy exploring the online and offline worlds.


/// Is there a particular BitSummit award you are looking to take home this year?

If I’m forced to say, Originality Award.


/// Are there any further comments you would like to share with us?

The English version of “ALTER EGO” is coming soon. It is a sharp game, so please stay tuned. It is a philosophical game with a psychoanalysis motif, so please look forward to it.

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