Beat Stomper – How did we ever “miss” such an awesome game…

What is the best part of any game? If your answer is “Music” and “Effects”, you may have just stumbled upon the coolest game you will ever see! …in a while at least…😉

This is our review of Beat Stomper.

Beat Stomper is a simple game about “Jumping” and “Stomping”, mixed in with some of the coolest graphics ever found in a mobile game! Ignoring the awesome background music and stunning graphical effects that light up your smartphone; at its core Beat Stomper is a simple jumper game that is actually surprisingly easy to play.

Your mission in this game is to jump up a staircase like set of moving platforms as far as possible without falling to your death. The game itself is rather simple, but the controls you’ll use to play the game aren’t far behind. By tapping once your character will jump, and by tapping a second time, it will crash down, stomping down on whatever is below you.

Although there are no doubt plenty of games similar to this already on the App Store, finding another game so perfectly in sync with both the in game music and effects is probably an impossible mission.

With 8 amazing themes all with their own DJ’s and sound tracks, blended together with the graphical effects to match the style of music, this game will blow your mind… Literally…

Do you love the idea of visualising music? If so, this is it. This is the game you have been waiting for.

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