HOOP – A game so realistic you may as well do the real thing…

If you have “any” friends on Facebook, you probably already know about the “Basketball” feature built into the Messenger App. Now, although this feature is fun, for some “more serious” players, it isn’t quite enough… Today, we’ve found what you need…!

HOOP may be the most serious basketball game we’ve ever played on a mobile device. With 8 different time and weather settings, and 6 different game modes, you won’t have any issues replicating your local basketball court 😉

Set in a 3 dimensional world made of simple geometrical shapes and structures, the game world looks almost the same as the one we live in now, just with a slight minimalist touch. Now, although the graphics are important in any game, with games revolving around sports, the most important aspect is often the Physics Engine, and when it comes to Physics this game is insane!

The net, the hoop, the bench seat, a net to the hoop, everything behaves in exactly the way you’d expect them to in real life! The only thing that doesn’t look like real basketball is you.

You the player are an invisible character, and will only be required to control the shoot power by tapping and releasing on the screen of your device. Much easier than the real thing, but about as good as it gets for a mobile game.

If you’d like a mobile basketball game that’s so realistic, it will probably make you just want to go out and play the real thing, here it is.

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