Choppy Blocks – A game about Jumping, Chopping, and an Athletic Cube

Have you ever played Stack by Ketchapp? If you haven’t, we highly recommend you give it a try. Based around building a tower that slowly becomes narrower the more places you overlap, Stack is pretty much identical to today’s game in so many ways…

Choppy Blocks is a game about an athletic cube that slowly decreases in length, until eventually it becomes thinner than a sheet of paper… “What is this game about?” Jumping!

Set in the middle of a lake somewhere, your mission in this game is to jump from landmass to landmass without accidently falling into the river below. This is done by tapping and holding to charge your cubes jumping power, and releasing to jump. Pretty easy.

Now, if you’ve played a few games like this in the past, you’re probably wondering just how this game concept relates to a slowly thinning cube. The simple answer is “Balance.”

You see, if your cube successfully touches down on a mass of land by even the slightest amount, whatever part of the cube is successfully grounded will stay while the rest of the cube will fall away, landing in the cold waters below… This cycle of slowly cutting off whatever parts of your cube hang over the edge will obviously make your cube thinner eventually turning your it into pretty much a piece of paper.

Now, if you actually think about it, does cutting bits off your cube actually make this game harder? To be honest it doesn’t. In fact, it stops your cube from overbalancing and toppling over the edge, thus actually making the game much easier to play than it would normally be without it.

Do you need a game designed for success? A game that won’t give a second thought about cutting your character in half just to stop you from falling off the edge… If so Choppy Blocks is the only game we’ve ever seen that actually cuts players in half 😓

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