Ball Pack

Has anyone ever told you that you are, “kind of good at multitasking?” If so, today we’ve got a game that may just help you level up your skills from “kind of good” to “really good” and beyond!!

Some of you may remember a fairly old game called 2 Cars (by Ketchapp). This game was hard… like REALLY HARD… but it doesn’t even compare to the multitasking monstrosities you will be faced with in Ball Pack (!!) which is also by Ketchapp.

Set on a minimalistic 3D stage featuring anywhere from 2-4 lanes of traffic – and obstacles – for you to monitor, your mission in this game is to control all 2-4 balls you see on-screen all at once in order to prevent any of them from smashing into an obstacle. Essentially a really, REALLY hard avoider game.

So what, you may be thinking? You’ve played a lot of hard avoider games in your lifetime… Well, it doesn’t end here!

Ball Pack isn’t an endless avoider game. On one hand, this is great since it gives new players a chance to get used to the game’s mechanics before diving in head first – the game starts off fairly hard before gradually increasing in impossibleness. On the other hand, this means that you actually need to survive for a given amount of time in order to move on to the next level – which is a kind of hell in and of itself. 😂

At least you can entertain your eyes on beautifully minimalistic distraction free 3D graphics, as you suffer from the shame and frustration of being unable to multitask 4 fricken players at the same time!! We speak from experience here at Edamame Reviews… 😂😂😂

If you’re the type of person that constantly finds yourself rage-quitting the many awful games we choose to feature here on Edamame Reviews, this probably isn’t a game you personally are going to enjoy. Although I am sure it would be great fun to watch you play it from a safe distance…

The Conclusion

If you think it’s about time you upgraded your device, this is a game which may just help you speed up that process of deciding whether or not you really need a new phone.

If you manage to get through this game without destroying 1 to 3 screen protectors, you are a true legend and deserve the title of Multitasking Master…👑 The only question remaining is, are you stupid… ahem! Brave enough to take the bait…

Want to give Ball Pack a try? The download link is just below.📲
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