Hill Climb Racing was fun while it lasted, but wouldn’t it be even more fun if you could play in 3D!? Umm… no actually… or at least, not this one…

Flip Rush! (by Lion Studios and GalacticThumb) is a repetitive game. Set on an all-white track above a 3-dimensional wasteland, your mission in this game is to get from one checkpoint to the next without having your car flip onto its head and GAME OVER.

Although the basic concept is roughly the same as Hill Climb RacingFlip Rush! takes things a step further with super simple one-touch controls to both accelerate and flip your car or player – you can’t actually reverse in this game! 😂

For anyone who believes simple is best, this is probably a great choice! However, we’re not so sure about the way in which the game handles levels.

You see, in Flip Rush! you are faced with the same level over and over again until you eventually manage to make it to the next checkpoint alive. This is all well and good – in fact, it actually makes progression easier in some cases – but is it just us or does it also make the game feel incredibly repetitive over time!?

You see, since you are faced with the same level over and over again until you eventually manage to clear it, you are essentially playing the same thing over and over which is practically the definition of repetitiveness. Obviously, this only gets worse as the levels increase in difficulty, making it harder and harder for you to get off the level you are currently on.

Besides this one point which sort of caught our attention, there isn’t a whole lot more for us to point out, either extra good or extra bad. Flip Rush! performs just like any other minimalistic Hill Climb Racing game you would expect to see in 2018 and we must say, it is a nice enough game overall!

One tip we will leave with you before the close of this review is, choose what you upgrade wisely. Depending on how you choose to play this game, some upgrades will be much more important than others…

The Conclusion

If you’re in for a simple new Hill Climb Racing game you can play this holiday season, why not give Flip Rush! a try? Right now you can play as a running guy with a Santa hat! 😂

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