Ashi: Lake of Light – decipher unique & challenging puzzles by candlelight

Ashi: Lake of Light is a tranquil & challenging puzzle game that follows a firefly’s looping path across a candlelit lake before sunrise. Tap on floating lanterns to ignite and extinguish candles that influence the firefly spirit’s path.

While the puzzles start simply, through patient perseverance the firefly will discover many different obstacles for you to decipher and solve.

Ashi - Lake of Light

How to play?

The firefly spirit needs help ferrying its light through the gate on each puzzle
Press play and the firefly will fly straight ahead! ⏯
The insect is attracted to candlelight 🕯
If it flies past a lantern, it will orbit around it 🏮

Tap on lanterns to make them brighter or extinguish their flame, change the firefly’s path and guide it to the gate. There are many more puzzle types to learn and decipher as you play!

Ashi - Lake of Light


Enjoy more than 80 puzzles designed to gradually increase in difficulty

Solve minimalist puzzles with simple and intuitive one-touch controls

The unobtrusive interface lets you experiment and play at your own pace

A tranquil and relaxing soundtrack evolves as you solve puzzles

The whole game is free to download, with extra-hard challenge levels and a hint tool available for purchase


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Ashi - Lake of Light

About – Nicholas Cellini

Nick Cellini is a solo Australian game designer and programmer. Ashi: Lake of Light is Cellini’s latest title for mobile and PC, a peaceful and relaxing puzzle game in which players use candles to direct the flight path of a firefly. Cellini is based in Sydney, Australia. For more information, visit

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