Action Puzzle Town – The Best Animations In A Mobile Game…!?

When you hear that a game is basically a compilation of minigames, do you automatically assume a low-quality game? For some reason, we haven’t ever really come across a high-quality mini-game compilation… until now…

Action Puzzle Town is a game with some of the best quality animations we have ever seen and, “Suprise, Suprise”, it is a mini-game compilation.

Set in a small town where your player, “Akoo”, and his friends live, Action Puzzle Town is basically a manga/anime you can play! Centered around a base story line of playing mini games and winning prizes you can use to decorate your house, this game is somewhere between an actual minigame compilation and a virtual life simulation game.

After getting totally fed up with his extremely exotic family, the game begins when your player Akoo decides to move out of his comfortable family home in search of a new life. Moving into his new home to be, the game takes a real twist when your player discovers an overweight fairy named “Pooka” sleeping in the middle of his living room!

As you have probably already figured, this strange fairy then goes on to guide you through the basics of playing the game etc. while complaining about how stupid and useless you are all the way… Thank you for your help…😡

If all you want is a bunch of mini-games you can play every once in a while, Action Puzzle Town is a super high-end game overflowing with features and functionality you may or may not need.

Do you love the silly art style used in manga like Dr. Slump, Dragon Ball, and other such comic series? If so, chances are Action Puzzle Town is a game you will seriously enjoy!

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