If you happen to be a devoted follower of Edamame Reviews, (Thank you very much!), you may have seen a game that looks remarkably similar to the game we are looking at today… Quick hint, The Archers 2

The Archers 1 is the first title in the “The Archers” series, and in our opinion may actually be better than the newer version of the game! Set in the same mono-colored world with not much more than “you” and “your enemies”, both The Archers 1 and 2 are extremely simple looking games, to say the least.

Although both games look extremely simple, as is the case with most prequel games, The Archers 2 has way more features and gimmicks than its predecessor which in our opinion may actually make the older version easier to play.

Played using simple slingshot-like (Touch and Drag) controls to aim and fire arrows at enemies, The Archers 1 is based almost solely on your ability to hit targets rather than your ability to purchase items…

With no in-app purchases, no fancy game modes, not even an option to “continue?” after an unexpected GAME OVER, The Archers 1 offers a classic mobile gaming experience you simply can’t get enough of!

The Conclusion

For players who love the option to “Continue?” after an unexpected loss, the option to purchase better more powerful items, and pretty much whatever new features developers can come up with, The Archers 1 probably isn’t the game for you.

But, for those times in which you would like to just step back for a while and enjoy a game for what it really is, The Archers 1 is a game you will probably enjoy…

Want to look back at how far we’ve come? The download link is just below😉

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