Build a Bridge! – Building “safe” stuff isn’t easy…

Have you ever stared up at a massive suspension bridge in pure awe, captivated by the immaculate design that makes this great feat of engineering possible? We’ll, today it’s time to turn the tables and put your skills to the test!

Build a Bridge! is a game that doesn’t really need an introduction. (i.e. the name quite literally explains itself…) Set on the edges of two large masses of land divided by a large body of water such as a creek or river, your mission in this game is to Build a Bridge!

The game is played by selecting materials to build your bridge out of, and then touching and dragging to set them up on your blueprint. After completing your initial setup all that’s left to do is test, test, and test some more…

Unless you are actually one of the magnificent people who build massive suspension bridges, chances are you’ll need more than one shot at getting things just right.😅

Now, before your hidden inner engineering genius gets totally out of hand, there are some limitations to your magnificent designs. In order to clear a stage with 3 stars, you will be required to create your somewhat stable bridge below a certain price point. Anything above your maximum budget and GAME OVER…

If these limitations discourage you don’t worry! Once you clear a stage with 3 stars you can unlock a sandbox mode with unlimited resources and funding! Let your inner engineering genius go ballistic!

If your dream is to one day create the amazing suspension bridges real people travel on, Build a Bridge! is a game you “need” to have played!

With a minimal number of ads, realistic physics, and an abundance of levels you can play and test out your skills, Build a Bridge! is one of, if not the coolest construction type game we have ever played!

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