2020! by Jumping Pixel Games – Review

Ever heard someone say “You’ve got good eyes!” People say it quite a bit when someone finds something small or something normally unnoticed by most people. 2020! is a game – or eye tester – you can play to find out just how ‘good’ your eyes actually are…

Starting off, you are given a gridded board filled with color tiles. Each colored tile is the same, all except 1. Your mission in this super simple test is so find the one color that is different to all the rest…

If you’d like a try before you download the app here’s level 12.

Did you see it? If not, look to the bottom left corner, move 1 square to the right, and then 4 squares up. BINGO!

2020! starts off with very few squares and large differences in colors, so the first few levels should be pretty easy for everyone – if you find them hard, you may want to consider going to a doctor… – but as the game progresses, things get much harder until, eventually all you can do is randomly tap on squares hoping you find the right one.

2020!_SS4 2020!_SS3

So if you’re the life of most parties and need a new game to show off, or if you just happen to be genuinely interested in your ability to distinguish between colors. This is a nifty little game to have under your belt.

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