Cops & Robbers! by BoomBit – Review

How long was it since you last played Cops and Robbers? Well, we guess it depends on how old you are… Today we’d like to share with you a new game by BoomBit which allows you to play Cops and Robbers anywhere, anytime!

In this simple runner game, your mission is to run around a small stage and “collect” coins while avoiding getting caught by police… Pretty simple. Civilians who, for some reason seem to like strolling around your stage – crime scene- , will drop coins when “hit” or touched by your player, allowing you to gain coins just a little faster.

The controls you are given to move your player around are extremely simple, tap on the right side of the screen to turn right, and on the left side of the screen to turn left. The speed at which your player turns depends on the character you are playing as, and can sometimes be uncontrollably fast, while at other times can be unbelievably slow. It’s all about finding the perfect player for you.

Also, for those of us with lot’s of friends, this game comes with the same amazing multiplayer features we loved in all the other BoomBit games, making this game that much more awesome! You can now battle it out with your friends to see who the true “Master Robber” is! …Wait, is that something to be proud of…?

 Cops & Robbers!_SS1 Cops & Robbers!_SS2

If you’d like a new game to play with your friends – or alone – Cops & Robbers! is a cool little game with super simple controls you’ll be a pro at using in seconds.

Now whatever you do, don’t get any big ideas playing this game…

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