Do you just love the feel of speed? Are slow paced puzzle games like torture? If so, we’ve just found the game you were born to play! Otherwise, we’ve found something… Crazy…😓

Woodland Way put bluntly is a game that seriously needs a new name. The name Woodland Way sounds so carefree, so easygoing, players who download this game without really looking into the gameplay will no doubt be shocked at the sheer speed at which this game progresses.

Based around a simple one tap concept, Woodland Way is played by tapping the screen to change your your players course either left or right to prevent your player from falling off a path made out of pixelated logs. The idea is simple and so are the controls, but the speed… is blinding…😱

Listening to the “jump”, “jump”, sound effects that are played each time your player jumps to a new log, the first thing that came to our mind was a “Jet Engine.” The way this game starts off slow, but then speeds up, faster and faster until everything just becomes a blur can only be described as a Jet Engine…✈️

The Conclusion

We’ll be honest. You’d really have to be good to actually have the reaction time to find this game fun. It is literally on the verge of being impossible…

If you’re after what may be the fastest game in the world, here it is. Enjoy… if possible…😅

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