Do you love games that aren’t fully immersive…? Games that you can pop in and out of throughout your day while still actually being a productive person in the real world? If so, we may have just found your next favorite game…

Will Hero (by ZPLAY and GAMEPLAR) is a simple one-touch game centered around brutally slaughtering your enemies as you skillfully bounce from one platform to the next. Played by tapping on the screen of your device in order to dash forward a given distance, Will Hero will have you frantically tapping on the screen of your device as you ruthlessly slash through hordes of enemies in an attempt to rescue your sweetheart! 😘

Unfortunately, actually getting to your sweetheart for the first time – although possible – definitely isn’t easy… 😓We did eventually make it, however, it took us quite a few tries before we finally made it…

Once you’ve rescued your sweetheart, she will fight alongside you with a long sword at least 2 times her size(!) which is very cute and helpful in difficult situations. In the trailer video above, there also seem to be some special attacks you can use to wipe out a whole heap of enemies all at once. Unfortunately, we haven’t figured out how to use them yet. Our level probably isn’t high enough yet…

Unlike most games of this type, your character doesn’t start out with any weapons but instead can collect new weapons from treasure chests scattered around the level. Although this does have its negatives – such as when you are faced with a hoard of enemies before you’ve had the chance to pick up any weapons😱 – it also has its positives such as weapons that power up each time you collect a double up, making your player stronger and stronger as you progress through the level. ⚔

With a clean set of cute and very nicely animated graphics, simple controls, and not too many Ads, Will Hero is a fun new game you can play on and off without getting uncontrollably addicted.

The Conclusion

Has our review of Will Hero set fire to the knight within you? Are you ready to save your princess?

If so, the grand beginning of your adventures is just a click (or tap) away!

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