Are you a fan of any game that has the word “Bird/s” in the title? Flappy Bird, Angry Birds, and many other games with the word ‘bird’ in the title caused a small bird craze to occur among indie developers a few years ago, which has at this point thankfully started to die down…

Falling Birdz (by 1N1) is the first game with the word “bird” in the title we’ve reviewed that doesn’t involve going up. Set on a stage that continually scrolls down, your mission in this game is to help your player fall from one platform to another without getting spiked, burnt, or sucked into a wormhole. All things that would probably end your player’s life…💀

Played using 3 on-screen buttons which can be used to move Left or Right as well as hover for a short amount of time, the key to mastering Falling Birdz is to carefully select which platforms to (and not to) land on.

Featuring a total of 4 different platforms for you to land on, one normal, one that collapses 1 second after you land on it, a sand platform that slows down your movement, and an ice platform you’ll almost instantly slide off, Falling Birdz requires you to carefully calculate where to land in order to prevent your player from falling off the screen.

With a total of 25 characters for you to unlock, simple controls and not too many Ads, Falling Birdz is a simple game you can play in those idle moments throughout your day.

The Conclusion

If you’re after an incredibly simple game with none of the extra bells and whistles you’ll find in similar style games from publishers like Ketchapp and Voodoo, this is yet another good little game you might want to check out. 😆

Want to give Falling Birdz a try? The download link is just below.📲
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