Up&Down Hero – An ordinary guy like you and me…

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you, – yes, the real life you – suddenly switched places with the super ripped sword wielding warrior you control on your screen? Chances are you would spawn and…! GAME OVER…👾

Up&Down Hero is a game about a slightly dorky looking hero that will die almost as fast as a “normal person” in a video game. Set on a 3-laned stage covered in enemies, pitfalls, and coins, your mission in this game is to survive for as long as possible while collecting whatever you can get your hands on before you…! GAME OVER… again…💀

Played using 2 massive on screen buttons (Move Up) and (Move Down), Up&Down Hero is a surprisingly easy game to play just so long as you upgrade your hero stats.

Although your player will start out with a physical ability level more or less similar to that of your average human, after a few upgrades you should soon see an improvement in your hero’s physical ability level making this game much easier to play overall.

Lastly, as if to compliment this game’s strangely realistic gameplay system, the weapons in this game are all pretty much the same. Each costing the same 400G, (unless there are more options we have yet to unlock), the weapon you choose in this game has absolutely no impact on your player’s physical strength. …annoyingly realistic…😅

If only buying a new sword would make you 3 sizes smaller and give you a six pack…

With Retro pixel graphics, a dopey hero, and super simple controls, Up&Down Hero is a game that will make you glad “you” aren’t the one saving the world from a zombie apocalypse…

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