Suck It Up – Abducting things in a UFO isn’t easy…

Have you ever “seriously” wondered what would happen if you were abducted by a UFO. Although there are plenty of movies and documentaries explaining what supposedly goes on inside these shiny unidentified alien aircraft, as far as we know, none of them explain how the abductor feels about things…😕

Suck It Up is a game about a UFO bravely piloted by a Human Baby(?) we can’t quite tell – and all the hardships involved in abducting random things in a UFO. Set on floating chunks of pasture in the sky, inhabited by cows, trees, campfires and not much else, your mission in this game is to carefully abduct food cows and other such items before jumping to the next level.

Played using an intuitive set of controls which seem to be somewhere between (Swipe)/ (Touch and Drag) controls, piloting your UFO is probably the easiest part of this game…

Set around each level are some small annoying traps that will surprisingly easily end your career as a UFO operator. You see, although your UFO has the ability to levitate and suck up pretty much whatever its light-ray shines upon, for some unknown reason, there doesn’t seem to be a light off switch…

This means that if there happens to be a Bomb or Camp Fire sitting in the path of your UFO that you don’t notice, you’re going to be in for quite a shock when…BOOM!

With cute, low poly 3D graphics, a huge selection of characters to unlock and a fully functional lab you can use to genetically modify (i.e. Level Up) the cute critters you abduct, Suck It Up is a surprisingly cute game you are bound to enjoy!

Do you love sending UFO strikes in to destroy everything humans have ever built!
…in Sim-City… If so, perhaps you would like to try your hand at piloting one of these floating death machines?

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