Up Left Out – Don’t let this pretty game fool you…

Do you enjoy solving simple puzzles where all the pieces you need are right in front of you? You won’t need to go looking for clues, or try to think outside the box, because the answer is essentially right in front of you! …all you need to do is see it

Up Left Out (by Rainbow Train) is a really, REALLY challenging game. Although it may not look that way at first, you’ll soon find yourself struggling to figure out just where to move what (and in what order) in order to get the outcome you want. (See the video above for a rough idea of how the game is played.)

That being said, we are currently almost halfway through the game, and Up Left Out has never once felt truly impossible. Much as we would like to think that this is because we are all geniuses here at Edamame Reviews, the more likely reason is that the player is always given all the pieces needed to solve the puzzle you are working on.

With no need to go scavenging for clues, or mentally simulate how things will move in order to prevent yourself from making the puzzle truly unsolvable, given enough time the majority of levels in this game could probably be solved by a 3-year-old who has absolutely no idea what they are doing. (No offense 3 year-olds.)

Now, if you’re like us and have this strange desire to complete everything in the minimum number of moves required, you’re out of luck… or perhaps we should say you are free from the challenge?

Up Left Out doesn’t have a star-based points system, nor does it have a minimum number of moves, or even a move counter for that matter! All you are required to do is complete the level you are on, one level at a time. For some, this may seem to spoil the fun and challengingness of the game, but for us, it seemed like an interesting way of getting players to play around and experiment with the different game elements and situations you are faced with.

Featuring a total of 50 levels for you to puzzle your way through, a super minimalistic design that doesn’t feel cheap, and some really out of the box level designs, this is a game we expect graphics designers and artists as well as puzzle gaming fans will really enjoy!

The Conclusion

Are you ready to try your hand at solving some of the simplest puzzles we were faced with in 2018? Just remember simple doesn’t always mean easy…👾

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