Twisty Board – A speedy hoverboard racer packed with explosions…

Twisty Board is a game about a guy, a hoverboard, and way too many missiles… If you’ve ever played a game like Fury Roads Survivor where your mission is to avoid being captured by a mob of enemy cars, Twisty Board is basically the same game, just with homing missiles…😱

…If the description above makes you feel like (😱) don’t worry, it isn’t that bad…

Twisty Board is actually a surprisingly easy game to play once you get the hang of it. Played using simple touch controls (i.e. tap on the left side of the screen to turn left, and on the right side to turn right) you should quickly pick up how to play the game – but it will probably take you a while to truly master the art of avoiding missiles…

You see, most missiles are set at a speed just slightly faster than your hoverboard meaning just running away won’t keep you alive😓 You’ll be required to swerve around obstacles, fly in quick zigzags in order to crash missiles into one another, and use whatever else happens to be scattered around the stage to your own advantage.

Luckily you are given 2 lives per run meaning you should get a good 30-60 seconds worth of fun out of each game before you have to start over.

Overall, Twisty Board is an extremely high-quality game. Made entirely of 3D pixel graphics cram packed with explosive action and lifelike animations, Twisty Board is amazing both as a work of art and as a game.

Is your dream to one day learn how to ride a real hoverboard? You’d better learn fast!

With missiles that fly in from every direction imaginable, bombs that rain down from above when you sit around for too long, and lots of obstacles to practice your avoiding skills, this game will train you to ride a hoverboard – virtually – in seconds! (Learn now or die💀)

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