Fury Roads Survivor – The world’s final speed chase…

Do you love drag racing? (In Games…) Just can’t get enough of the thrill of being chased? (In Games…) If so, we’ve just found a game you’ll probably want to check out… (When you drive in the “real world” always follow the road rules!)

Fury Roads Survivor is a game set on a post apocalyptic earth, where “it seems” all of humanity have become bandits in their fight to survive. The game starts with you and your car being pursued by an almost absurd number of other vehicles of all shapes and sizes.

Perhaps you’ve found the key to an underground bunker filled with essential supplies? Perhaps you are the culprit that caused the apocalypse in the first place, who knows, but your mission in this game is to do the obvious, escape!

Using simple controls, “tap on the left half of the screen to turn left” and “right to turn right”, your mission in this game is obvious – use every everything around you to escape for as long as possible.

As you’d probably expect to see after an apocalypse, most of the earth is covered in desert, and buildings that once stood are now toppled over, making perfect jumps, walls to crash enemy cars into, and obstacles for you yourself to avoid.

The only way to survive is to escape…

For people who are a little sick of “only ever” running away, Fury Roads Survivor also gives you the chance to fight back with weapons you can use to blow up the cars that stand in your path!

If you’ve gotten sick of been chased through the winding streets of Tokyo, perhaps now is the time you try being chased in a new (and perhaps not so distant 😱 ) earth?

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