Trio by Ketchapp – Review

For people thinking about making a game, there is one key difference… – actually there are many key differences💧  – between a game that is “just difficult” and a game that is “simple yet difficult.”

Trio is a game that nearly doesn’t need a how to play tutorial. Although it does have one, this game could nearly go live without any explanation and most people would no doubt still know how to play it. The reason? Simple, “Intuitiveness.”

Trio is a game based around three key shapes, a circle, a triangle, and a rectangle that can be cycled through by the player via a tap. Your shape – in whatever form you currently happen to be in – will speedily race through a constantly growing track that is sectioned off by different colored gates with – you guessed it – different shaped cutouts.

If you’ve followed along this far the game really doesn’t need any more explaining. All you as the player are required to do is quickly change shapes so as to prevent your player from smashing into any gates, a super simple game that takes 0 seconds to understand but forever to master. A perfect example of a simple yet difficult game.

If you have a passion for simplicity, this is a game you won’t be able to resist!

With one of the most intuitive game concepts we’ve ever seen – together with beautiful graphics, wonderful sound effects and, an overall quality feel to it – Trio will be a game both developers and players alike will have a hard time saying “no” to.

If you’ve somehow managed to resist skipping over the last three paragraphs in search of the download button, you’re now free to go! The download link is just below😉

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