Trick Shot

Trick Shot by Jonathan Topf is a game I’ve long awaited. It’s not that there aren’t any trick shot games already out there, it’s that they all feel too much like a game.

What do I mean?

Well the thing is, with a lot of other similar games out there, there is pretty much one way to clear everything, take for instance Cut the Rope; the speed or timing you do things may change the outcome a little, but the actual process involved is almost always the same.

The thing is, with trick shot there isn’t any real set way to clear the game, all you have to do is get a ball into a box.

Wether you choose an easy way or a hard way is entirely up to you. In a sense this game is a real ball and cup game for your phone or tablet. In an age where kids are beginning to expect games to entertain them, I find this game, a game where you actually have to entertain yourself a really interesting idea.

Personally I’d find it very interesting if Jonathan Topf integrated a stage builder into Trick Shot so players can design their own courses. Who knows what the future may hold, but whatever is in stock for this game, I’m looking forward to it.

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